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Immerse yourself in a mosaic of cocoa and caffeine at the Chocolate and Coffee Festival, where cravings find their harmony.

The Chocolate and Coffee Festival is a marvel celebration that unites coffee and chocolate enthusiasts. It’s held annually at Expo New Mexico, Albuquerque, every first April weekend. It hosts 150+ vendors and 200,000 sq ft of delectable delights! It welcomes participants from artisans to connoisseurs.

As a seasoned connoisseur, I've delved into the heart of the Chocolate and Coffee Festival. With years of savoring and studying these delights, I've navigated things coffee-related, from nuances of pairing to aroma and taste. Experts in the field echo my sentiment, hailing this fest as the pinnacle of indulgence.

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What is the Chocolate and Coffee Festival

The Chocolate and Coffee Festival is a special event that brings together chocolate enthusiasts and coffee lovers under one roof to celebrate flavors, cultures, and innovations. This much-anticipated event features the finest offerings from chocolatiers, coffee roasts, candy makers, and other gourmet food companies.

It's not just chocolate-related indulgence; the Festival is an opportunity for visitors to learn about the production and crafting of these popular treats, participate in workshops, and join local coffee shops.

Attracting large crowds of people from all walks of life, the Festival provides a platform for highlighting the creativity of local and international artisans while promoting an appreciation for chocolate-high taste.

The event is held annually and boasts exciting entertainment options, such as live music, cooking demonstrations, and educational seminars.

Here's a simple table comparing the key features of chocolate and coffee:

Feature Chocolate Coffee
Origin Derived from cacao association beans Extracted from coffee beans
Flavor Profile Rich, decadent chocolate-themed sweets, and varying intensities Bitter, bold, with diverse notes
Processing Roasting, grinding, tempering Roasting, grinding, brewing
Varieties Dark, milk, white, flavored Arabica, Robusta, specialty blends
Pairings Fruits, nuts, spices Pastries, chocolate, cheeses
Caffeine Content Minimal (dark), moderate (milk), low (white) Moderate to high (depending on the type)
Culinary Uses Desserts, confections, beverages Hot/cold drinks, desserts, sauces
Health Benefits Antioxidants, mood enhancers Antioxidants, energy booster

All You Need to Know About Chocolate and Coffee Festival

This Festival is a delightful event that brings together chocolate enthusiasts and fans of gourmet foods. Established in 2009, the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest is the nation's largest festival dedicated to these two popular indulgences and is held annually in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Participants of the special events can expect many chocolatiers, coffee roasters, bakers, and makers of gourmet foods from diverse culinary backgrounds and their special recipes. The event's unique atmosphere promotes creativity and enjoyment, creating a memorable experience for every attendant.

This two-day chocolate harvest festival occurs at Expo New Mexico, You can explore additional exhibitors showcasing their finest chocolate and coffee products. Visitors and surrounding area businesses can indulge in tasty delicacies, purchase items, sip on delicious beverages, and even attend workshops to learn more about their favorite treats.

In addition to chocolate and coffee, the harvest festival also offers guests the chance to explore various gourmet food options. New Mexico's vibrant food truck scene is well represented, ensuring diverse and delicious dining opportunities for everybody.

The Chocolate Festival is suitable for adults and invites children and families to participate in various activities, such as games and jumping castles. It is a lively celebration of chocolate and coffee, uniting people passionate about these delicious treats.

This festival is a must-attend event for those who appreciate the beauty and taste of chocolate, coffee, and gourmet foods. It’s a community enrichment program for enthusiasts worldwide and offers an insightful, engaging, and mouthwatering experience for everyone in attendance.

Features of the Festival

The Chocolate and Coffee Festival is a delightful event where art, wine, live music, and deliciously crafted treats come together. Showcasing a variety of gourmet roasters and artisan chocolatiers, along with wineries, the fun-long festival offers a unique experience for visitors.

At the heart of the festival are the vendors. With over 150 chocolatiers, gourmet food makers, and wine producers, you will discover some genuinely delightful creations. Many vendors offer samples, allowing visitors to indulge in new flavors and decide which products to take home.

In addition to the mouthwatering treats available for tasting, the Chocolate and Coffee Festival provides a range of entertaining and educational activities for attendees. From live music performances to fascinating demonstrations, something is always happening to keep visitors engaged.

Another distinctive aspect of the festival is the series of seminars offered throughout the event. These informative sessions cover coffee brewing techniques, chocolate making, free pumpkin, and wine pairing. Industry experts share their knowledge, giving attendees valuable insights into chocolate, coffee, and wine.

The inclusion of art in the festival adds an extra layer of creativity and visual enjoyment. Local artists present their works, often with themes centered around chocolate and coffee. This collaboration of artistic talent adds to the overall atmosphere and enhances the visitor experience.

Location and Timing

The Chocolate and Coffee Festival occurs at the Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque, providing visitors with a fantastic weekend event to indulge in their favorite treats.

This popular gathering occurs annually during the springtime, typically on the first weekend of April, and attracts thousands of visitors. Expo New Mexico offers a vast indoor and outdoor space, spanning over 200,000 square feet, ensuring plenty of room for attendees to explore and enjoy the festival's offerings.

With over 150 vendors and five stages for various activities and presentations, the Chocolate and Coffee Festival promises a delightful experience for all. Visitors can choose between two gates for entry, with Central Avenue Gate 1 providing easy access and lower traffic.

If you require handicapped parking, the San Pedro Gate 3 entrance is necessary. Expo New Mexico charges $7 per vehicle for parking, and all tickets are valid for either day of the event, allowing for re-entry.

For those attending the festival, the hours are usually from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days, enabling plenty of time to sample and savor the chocolates, coffees, gourmet foods, and even local wines, beers, and spirits.

As a reminder, the event is widespread and can get crowded, so arriving early and preparing for congestion is advisable.

Other Unique Chocolate and Coffee Festivals

In the heart of Hawaii's lush landscapes and amidst Pittsburgh's urban charm, two annual festivals quietly beckon both chocolate connoisseurs and coffee enthusiasts.

Hawaiʻi Chocolate and Chocolate Festival

The Hawaiʻi Chocolate and Chocolate Festival invites visitors to indulge in the island's sweetest treasures amidst the serene backdrop of Hilo's natural beauty.

What it is

The Hawaiʻi Chocolate and Chocolate Festival is a delightful annual event celebrating the artistry and flavors of Hawaiian chocolate. It showcases a wide array of chocolate products, including artisan chocolates, truffles, and cocoa-based treats.

Where and When

This delectable festival takes place in the picturesque setting of Hilo, Hawaiʻi, offering attendees the chance to explore the world of chocolate amidst stunning natural beauty. Typically, it is held in early February each year, making it a sweet way to kickstart the Valentine's season.


The festival features local chocolatiers, cacao growers, and chocolate enthusiasts from all over Hawaiʻi. Visitors can engage with chocolatiers, sample unique chocolate creations, and learn about the chocolate-making process, from bean to bar.

Pittsburgh Coffee and Chocolate Festival

Pittsburgh, known for its steel heritage and stunning riverfront views, offers a unique blend of industrial history and modern vibrancy.

What it is

The Pittsburgh Coffee and Chocolate Festival is a delectable event dedicated to two beloved indulgences: coffee and chocolate. It brings together coffee roasters, chocolatiers, and enthusiasts under one roof for a flavorful experience.

Where and When

This festival is held annually in the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Typically, it takes place in the late summer or early fall, offering attendees a warm and welcoming atmosphere to savor the delightful flavors of coffee and chocolate.


The festival features a diverse lineup of local and regional coffee roasters, chocolate makers, and vendors. Coffee aficionados can explore a variety of coffee beans and brewing methods, while chocolate lovers can indulge in an array of chocolate treats, from truffles to chocolate-covered delights.

Key Takeaways

  • The Chocolate and Coffee Festival celebrates the finest chocolate and coffee offerings.
  • Encouraging sustainability and education, the Festival showcases creative artisans.
  • The event caters to a broad audience, making it perfect for a day with family and friends.


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