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Simple bowls are outdated. Spruce up your desserts by serving them in a bowl made of chocolate instead. Wondering how you make a chocolate bowl? We’re here to help.

A fun and innovative way to entertain your guests is by presenting your sweet treats in a bowl made of chocolate. It looks attractive, but the best part is that it’s also edible!

To make your chocolate bowl, blow up a balloon and dip it into freshly melted chocolate in a separate container. Once the chocolate is hardened, pop the balloon to reveal your chocolate bowl.

Although making a chocolate bowl appears to be simple, a few steps can ruin your effort and result in a chocolate mess if performed incorrectly. However, if you follow all the steps mentioned and use the right ingredients, you will find creating a perfectly symmetrical chocolate bowl a piece of cake.

This method has been tried and tested by our fellow peers. It works well for beginners and pros and gives exceptional results every time.

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Gathering the Ingredients

Before you start making your chocolaty masterpiece, you need to collect all the required ingredients and materials in one place. Having all essentials set to go is key to a seamless and successful cooking experience. For these bowls, you’ll need:

Small Balloons or Molds: These act as the surface to which the melted chocolate can stick and eventually harden. You can purchase pre-made spherical half-moon molds from Amazon or a packet of balloons from a local party store if you’re in a rush. We recommend balloons 5-6 inches in diameter and 12cm long.

Baking Chocolate: Using the correct type of chocolate is the secret to making bowls that look good and stay intact. Real chocolate contains cocoa butter; it melts readily at room temperature and will cause your bowl to fall apart. Opt for compound chocolate which contains vegetable oils and has a higher melting point, precisely 45°. The flavor of the chocolate you use can be according to your preference.

Baking Sheet: Any baking sheet that can fit in your refrigerator works fine for this task. You will also need some non-stick baking mat, parchment, or wax paper to line your baking sheet.

Making the Chocolate Bowl

Step 1: Line a large sheet of parchment paper and set it aside. – If you are using balloons as molds, start blowing them up. You want each bowl to be a minimum of 12-14 cm wide, so use smaller balloons. Tie them up with a knot.

Step 2: You’ll cut up nearly 16 ounces of compound chocolate block in smaller cubes. Place them in a microwave-safe container and heat them at medium power in short 30-second intervals. Keep stirring in between to ensure a smooth glossy finish.

Step 3: Using a large spoon, place 1-2 dollops of this melted chocolate onto the parchment paper we set aside earlier. These dollops will serve as the base of your bowls.

Step 4: Pour the chocolate into a bowl with a broad face, making dipping much easier. Now you’ll take one balloon and dip it halfway through, almost 5-6 cm deep in the bowl filled with chocolate.

Step 5: Place the balloon onto one of the dollops you put earlier on the parchment sheet. Pop the tray in the freezer and let the chocolate on the balloon harden.

Step 6: Once the chocolate appears fully set, take your sheet out of the refrigerator and pop the balloon using a   toothpick or any sharp pin. Peel off any pieces of balloon left behind in your bowl.

Step 7: To finish off, place the open end of the bowl on a warmed-up skilled for 2-3 seconds. This will help smoothen 0ut the edges and give your bowl a more symmetrical look.

Step 8: This step, although optional, can make your bowl look even more stunning. Use edible ornaments like beads, sparkles, sprinkles, and cut-out fondant designs to decorate the bowl and make it more personalized.

 Now that your chocolate bowl is ready, it’s time to serve it with a dessert of your choice. We recommend serving a piece of pound cake and a scoop of ice cream in the bowl. You can also go healthy and add fresh fruits like raspberries and blueberries.


Lori Gilmore

Lori Gilmore

Lori has been a Culinary Arts instructor for twenty years. She has taught in the public school setting, at the collegiate level and through adult continuing education as well as running several cooking and baking camps for children. She has participated in several cooking, cake & chocolate contests and has been well recognized. She has raised thousands of dollars for charities using the byline “Saving the World one Cupcake at a Time”. Additionally, she has had several articles regarding food published in various magazines.

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