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Nobody can have enough chocolate-covered strawberries, which brings us to the question ‘where to buy chocolate covered strawberries?’  

Crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside, chocolate-covered strawberries offer so much in a single bite. The richness of chocolate and the flavor of strawberries make this dessert one of the most loved desserts around the world. But not all chocolate-covered strawberries are to die for. Finding authentic strawberries covered in chocolate is what will define your experience. Are you looking for the best places to buy chocolate-covered strawberries?

Many people are often on the lookout for where to buy chocolate-covered strawberries. Not all dessert shops make the best tasting ones. Some of the best places to get your favorite desserts are Edible Arrangements, Godiva, 1-800-Flowers, and Shari’s Berries, among many others.

When we say not all chocolate-covered strawberries are good, we mean it. Imagine spending your money on a box of chocolate-covered strawberries only to find strawberries stale or, worst, rotting from the inside. Such a major turnoff! The best chocolate-covered strawberries are made from the freshest and sweetest strawberries covered in the highest quality chocolate. You can get chocolate-covered strawberries from many places, but not all of them will make your taste buds ask for more.

We absolutely love chocolate-covered strawberries and have tried them from a number of dessert shops. We know who has got the best ones!

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What to Look For When Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

Nothing could be better than chocolate-covered strawberries for someone who loves chocolates and strawberries. Chocolate-covered strawberries make the best gift for a loved one, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a popular dessert and gift. If you’re looking for places to buy chocolate-covered strawberries for a dear one, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. How can you possibly tell if the chocolate-covered strawberries you’re buying are worth the money you’re paying (which is usually several dollars per piece)?

There are some factors that can help you buy the best ones, only if you’re mindful of them at the time of buying. Let’s see what these factors are:

Check Manufacture and Expiry Dates

You may wonder why checking the expiry date is important when you seldom check the expiry dates of chocolates. Well, that’s because strawberries have a very short shelf life. The water content in the strawberries is very high, which makes them highly prone to bacterial damage, and they go bad in just a few days.

If you buy chocolate-covered strawberries that were made a few days ago, the chances that the strawberries have already started to go bad are pretty high. Always buy chocolate-covered strawberries that have a recent manufacture date, and the expiry date is still far away.

Smell the Box

If the box of strawberries covered in chocolates isn’t clear and you can’t tell by looking if the strawberries are fresh, try smelling the box. If the box smells of ripe strawberries, don’t buy it. Strawberries get ripe very quickly and overripe strawberries don’t taste as well as fresh, perfectly ripe strawberries.

If the box smells of strawberries, it means the strawberries aren’t fresh, and they’ve been in the box for a while. It’s a good way to tell if the strawberries coated in chocolate that come out of the box taste good or not.

Check If the Strawberries Are Frozen or Refrigerated

If the strawberries covered in chocolate are frozen, don’t buy them. While it sounds wiser to buy frozen strawberries as the chances of food going bad in a freezer are very low, buying frozen strawberries covered in chocolate is a bad idea.

Firstly, strawberries become thawed when frozen, and the chocolate layer becomes very hard. You won’t even be able to bite it. Secondly, when you take the frozen strawberries covered in chocolate at room temperature, the frozen strawberries will release water, and that will cause the chocolate layer to come off.

Although frozen ones will look perfect, they aren’t the perfect choice. Always buy refrigerated strawberries covered in chocolate.


Toppings make chocolate-covered strawberries look a lot more appealing and taste better. However, make sure you check the toppings carefully. You certainly wouldn’t want to consume something you are allergic to.

Check the Color

If you’re buying strawberries that have been half covered in chocolate, you can easily tell by the red color of the fruit if it’s ripe or not. However, it can get difficult to tell if the strawberries are fresh if they’re fully covered with chocolate.

But you can still check. Look at the part of the strawberry just near the stem. If that’s green, it means the strawberries aren’t fully ripe, and they won’t taste as nice.

Best Places to Buy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You’ll find many shops selling chocolate-covered strawberries, but as we said above, not all of them will have the best ones. We’ve put together a list of places where you’ll find the best chocolate-covered strawberries to help you find chocolate-covered strawberries that’ll take you in another zone altogether. We bet you won’t be able to stop!

Edible Arrangements

Whether you’re looking for cupcakes, brownies, balloons, fruit baskets, chocolate baskets, or chocolate-covered strawberries, Edible Arrangements is the best place to be. You can either visit the store to pick chocolate-covered strawberries yourself or place orders online.

Edible Arrangements has got the best variety in terms of edible gifts for special occasions for special people. What makes Edible Arrangements our top choice is their same day delivery service. Edible Arrangements won’t keep you waiting!


Godiva needs no introduction. Specializing in chocolates, you can trust them blindly to provide you with the best quality chocolate-covered strawberries. Strawberry chocolates by Godiva are perfectly ripe, sufficiently juicy, and covered generously in fine chocolate that rings just the right strings in your heart!

1-800 Flowers

1-800 Flowers, unlike its name, isn’t just flowers. You’ll find everything gift-worthy here. From cakes to flowers to gift baskets to edible items, 1-800 flowers is your one-stop solution. 1-800 Flowers is on our list for chocolate-covered strawberries for all the right reasons. From simple chocolate drizzled strawberries to gourmet dipped strawberries, you’ll find so much here that’ll leave you confused between what and what not to get!

Shari’s Berries

Specialists in chocolate-covered strawberries, Shari’s Berries offers absolutely divine chocolate-covered strawberries. But that’s not all that you’ll find here. They also deal in flowers, baked goods, and various types of chocolate arrangements that are perfect for gifts! They also provide occasion-specific gifts that are sure to make your special ones' special days memorable.


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