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If you enjoy baking cakes or want to run a baking business, you might be wondering where you can buy cake decorating supplies that add a wow element.

You might want to recreate a beautiful cake you saw on the internet but can’t find the necessary cake decorating supplies. I’ll provide you with some reliable resources to acquire everything you need under one roof.

You can buy cake decorating supplies from supermarkets, like Target, Walmart, and Costco, with a department for baking supplies. You can get basic supplies at grocery shops. Confectionery stores stock more upscale items, like edible glitter, cupcake liners, and cake pillars, in-store and online.

Put the paintbrushes and carving tools away until you’ve delved into the realm of specialty baking equipment, for baking nowadays has no boundaries. Let’s look at some of the most popular cake decorating products and where you can get them. I’ve also added some really exciting cake decorations that you wish you knew about before.

I’ve put together this article using my knowledge of cake decoration to help you craft beautiful baked delicacies. So, take out your pens and recipe books, bakers, and start sketching the path to exquisite baking.

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Trending Cake Decorating Supplies and Where to Find Them

Edible Cake Decorations

Edible cake embellishments can add personality to your cakes. You’ll discover a wide range of vibrant and entertaining designs to fit any theme or event. Make amusing cupcake creatures with edible eyeballs, or add a pair of fairy wings or a ribbon to delicate creations.

Some edible cake decorations are edible glitter, edible flowers, glossy edible pearls, sprinkles, colorful frostings, and sanding sugars.

These edible goodies can be found at Wilton’s, Target, Walmart, and even Amazon. 


If you wish to save the effort of making your own fondants, get yourself a ready-made fondant. They are available in a range of colors and flavors, tasting as good as freshly made fondants. 

Fondant cakes have taken over the cake industry, and they are simply unstoppable. This smooth layer covering a delicious cake sponge is made with sugar, corn syrup, and water from wedding cakes to customized themed cakes.

Get the delicious fondant in multiple colors and flavors from Wilton’s or Amazon

Cake Pillars and Dowel Rods

If you want to make a two- or three-tier cake, you’ll definitely need some cake pillars and dowel rods to stack up the cake with stability.

Being basic and primitive cake decorative items, cake pillars and dowels are staples in the bakery shops. You can easily find them somewhere next to the baking trays and piping bags at supermarkets. Or, if you wish to order online, try Amazon or Walmart.

Cake Icing

Who doesn’t love the delicious butter-creamy icing on the cakes? Are you searching for the rich and creamy icing to put the perfect finish on your baked goods? Wilton offers a variety of simple to flavored frosting options for all of your delectable treats.

Cupcake Liners

When it comes to cake decorations, cupcake liners are a must-have. I’m not going to lie; I used to demand my mother purchase cupcake liners whenever we went bake shopping as a kid! We didn’t make many cupcakes, but we had quite a collection!

Cupcake liners are easy to find at every grocery store and baking shop and super-smart. You can always check out Wilton for a more exquisite collection as they launch new cupcake liner collections on every occasion.

Cake Boxes

Suppose you need some assistance getting those delectable baked goodies out the door. In that case, you can find a variety of bakery boxes available on Amazon to help deliver those delightful cakes and pastries.


Karen Sladyk

Karen Sladyk

Karen Sladyk has been studying and teaching cake decorating topics and culinary crafting projects for over 30 years. She has multiple awards-including first place finishes-in a variety of shows and conferences. She has made and or sold hundreds of dessert-themed gifts, masterpieces, and crafts. She enjoys the challenge of problem-solving chocolate issues in show pieces and making chocolate accessible to all people.

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