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You may be wondering what should I eat after chocolate if you just overdosed on them and are scared that it may be dangerous.

Someone who loves chocolates will have a hard time resisting chocolates. You may not even realize how much chocolate you've consumed until the entire bowl is empty. That's when it hits you that you've eaten far too much chocolate than you should have. A common assumption is too much chocolate is dangerous but is it really?

There's nothing to worry about if your 'too much chocolate is 10 to 15 Hershey's Kisses or a big bar for Galaxy. But if you've had too much of it, drink plenty of water and stick to healthy, non-processed foods. Don't cut off carb intake completely. It'll only worsen your chocolate cravings.

Chocolate is definitely addictive. Research suggests that it can have similar effects on the brain as hard drugs, only that the effects aren't that intense. You might feel like you're addicted to chocolate, and you probably are too, but you don't have to worry about experiencing effects like that of hard drugs because you've got to eat a lot of it. Consuming 100 grams of chocolate every day has also been found to cause heart diseases, but people rarely consume that much!

We've done our fair share of research and are ready to take you through what happens in your body when you eat chocolate and what you should eat after to manage the sugar boost you just had!

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What Happens After You Eat Chocolate?

Some chocolate desserts like Death by Chocolate might make you think that chocolate is bad for you, and if you're indulging in this sweet treat, you're doing your body wrong. We're here to explain that it's really not like that.

Chocolate contains cocoa, and cocoa is known to have numerous health benefits. Apart from the instant sugar boost, there's so much more than chocolate does.

Chocolate contains caffeine. Though it's in much lower quantities than coffee, you'll feel similar stimulant effects. You'll feel energetic and active. A bar of chocolate on a day when you aren't really feeling too active might actually do you plenty of good.

Chocolates contain phytochemicals that can reduce your stress levels and make you feel good. No wonder why your mood instantly gets better after you eat chocolate.

Cocoa contains many phenolic compounds, which are known to have positive effects on blood pressure, vascular function, and insulin resistance.

While all of these benefits weren't enough, chocolate also contains flavonoids that can help prevent heart diseases.

Cocoa is a rich source of magnesium. Magnesium is an essential element that your body and brain need to function properly. Consuming chocolate may improve your brain health and make it sharper and more active.

So you see, chocolate does more good to your body than good. You really don't have to worry about it harming your health. So, grab that Lindt bar in your refrigerator that you've been eying all morning and enjoy!

What Should You Eat After Chocolate?

Now that you know chocolate isn't all as harmful as you thought it was, you can continue with the regular diet after you've eaten chocolate. But if you want us to get into specifics to help you manage the sugar surge following chocolate, continue reading ahead.

Drink Water

Anything that contains lots of sugar can make you dehydrated. So, after you've eaten chocolate, make sure to drink lots of water so that your body doesn't get dehydrated. If you don't drink lots of water after eating chocolate, you'll feel dull and fatigued, which are common symptoms of dehydration.

Eat Fruits

You may feel a continued urge to eat more chocolate or anything sweet. Since you've already binged on chocolate, turn to fresh fruits. Not only are they packed with natural sugars, but they're also an excellent source of water, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

Eat Non-Processed Foods

The worst that you can do to your body is eat processed foods. Since you're already high on sugars following your chocolate binge, you should only eat non-processed, healthy foods to make sure you aren't disturbing your body's internal environment.

Eat fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Herbal teas are also a great option to detox your body.

Eat Foods with Good Quality Carbs

Soon after you eat chocolate, there's an instant spike in your blood sugar levels. The thing with sudden sugar spikes is that it'll also subside suddenly, and when that happens, you'll feel a strong urge to binge on chocolate again.

Don't do that. Instead, keep foods that contain good amounts of high-quality carbs at your disposal. Some of the best options are wholemeal pasts, sourdough, oats, sweet potato, and quinoa. These foods will make you feel full and help you manage your chocolate cravings.

These carb-rich foods will make you feel full, but they will also provide you with enough energy to get you through your day without feeling exhausted or low on energy.


Lori Gilmore

Lori Gilmore

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