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Dark chocolate is considered to be an indulgence. It is richer than milk chocolate and often paired with wines and cheeses to offer a delectable experience.

Even though dark chocolate is usually meant to be bitter compared to milk chocolate, finding sweet dark chocolate will help you indulge in a supreme experience. A bar of sweeter dark chocolate will help to satisfy your chocolate and sweet-tooth craving while also keeping you free of guilt.

Amongst the sweetest dark chocolates we could find, we have listed five for you: Lindt 70% Dark Cocoa, Theo’s Coconut Dark Chocolate, Hu Simple Dark Chocolate, Lily’s Extra Dark, Ghirardelli Intense, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate, Cadbury Bourneville, and Dove Dark Chocolate.

These chocolates will help curb your craving for chocolate while keeping you guilt-free. They can be paired with fruits, wines, and cheeses for a sublime experience. Since most dark chocolates are intended to be bitter, finding the sweet ones is an experience to remember. You can consume these chocolates as a snack or in your favorite dessert recipes.

Want to know which one of these chocolates is the most suited to your tastes? With our refined palette for chocolate, we have compiled comprehensive tasting experiences for all of them!

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Lindt 70% Cocoa Dark

We are happy to tell you that indulging in this experience through the Lindt Smooth Dark chocolate has been almost milk-chocolate-esque. You essentially feel like you’re eating smooth milk chocolate, and it would take you time to realize that it is indeed dark chocolate if you compare it with real milk chocolate or if someone tells you that it is dark chocolate. The texture is silken as the chocolate melts in your mouth, covering all your taste buds and helping you gain experience. The chocolate is also absolutely fruity since no artificial flavors and unnecessary textures are present to cloud your experience.

The Lindt Smooth Dark bar can be the perfect transition to dark chocolate for people who have a hard time quitting milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has an acquired taste, which is only acquired by getting your taste buds used to less sweet chocolates. It also helps that this Lindt bar does not have any artificial sweeteners that completely mask its darkness.

Theo Coconut Dark Chocolate

The Theo Dark Chocolate bar contains shredded coconut, which helps add texture to each bite. The flavor of the coconut does not overpower the taste of the chocolate while still complementing it perfectly. And yes, the Theo chocolate bars are quite sweet, considering that these are dark chocolate bars without artificial sweeteners. Even though the bar consists of cane sugar, the amount is quite low, which helps you indulge without feeling too guilty about the carbs and calories!

Theo’s also ethically sources all their materials and creates vegan chocolates. Good vegan dark chocolate is difficult to find, and Theo has helped to curate one that is dark yet sweet. Therefore, this sweet indulgence is also perfect for anyone going for a guilt-free but completely vegan lifestyle.

Hu Simple Dark (70%)

Hu has created the perfect dark chocolate bar with the help of coconut sugar as the sweetener. While coconut sugar is not as sweet as cane sugar, it has more caramel and fruity flavor. This fruitiness, along with the caramel taste, complements the slightly bitter dark chocolate undertones of the chocolate bar

When you look for the perfect dark chocolate bar that has not been sweetened artificially, Hu’s Simple Dark is surely among the best because of its sweet quality while maintaining its integrity as dark chocolate. Additionally, the Hu Chocolate bar is also free of dairy, alcohol, gluten, soy, cane sugar, and palm oil. This makes it one of the most organic chocolates on the list and ensures an authentic experience for you.

Lily’s Extra Dark (70%)

The Lily’s Extra Dark chocolate bar has been sweetened with stevia, another natural yet calorie-free sweetener. This makes the chocolate the best guilt-free choice since it has very few carbs and is also low on the caloric side. The chocolate maintains all of this while still being one of the sweetest ones on this list.

However, the unusual sweetness of the stevia might not be suitable for everyone who tries the chocolate. Even though this dark chocolate is very sweet, it is not good transition chocolate – which means that it is not the best choice for anyone who is trying to replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate. This is because, despite its sweetness, there is a very dark-chocolate-esque bitterness in the aftertaste, which new dark chocolate connoisseurs will not take to very kindly.

Ghirardelli Intense 60% Cacao

The Ghirardelli Intense Chocolate has a smooth sweetness, which is attributed entirely to cane sugar. While the chocolate is clearly distinguishable from milk chocolate because of its bitter undertones, there is no denying that Ghirardelli has managed to capture the smoothness of high-quality chocolate and paired it with a pleasant sweetness which will help to heighten your sense without compromising on flavor.

The Ghirardelli chocolate bar is excellent as a snack, and it is one of the best chocolates out there to add to your recipes: be it cakes, shakes, or brownies. The chocolate helps add a truly rich, intense flavor to any dessert and helps you enjoy the chocolate flavor to the maximum.

Hershey’s Special Chocolate

While Hershey’s dark chocolate is not quite as sophisticated as the chocolates we have previously mentioned, you can tell that their dark chocolate is considerably less sweet than their original milk chocolates. Hershey’s has not mentioned the percentage of dark chocolate that these chocolates hold, though.

Hershey’s chocolates have been enjoyed by people for many decades now, and these bars are no different since they are smooth and sweet while still not being quite as sweet as milk chocolate. You can add the Hershey’s chocolate bars to your next chocolate dessert recipe or just have them as a snack.

Cadbury Bourneville

Cadbury’s rich dark chocolate bars contain smooth and delicious dark chocolate which is lightly sweetened by sugar. There is no percentage of the cacao mentioned in the chocolate, but the slight bitter undertones do give away its truth of being a bar of dark chocolate. The chocolate is incredibly smooth in texture and helps you gain a truly wonderful dark chocolate experience.

The dark chocolate is also among the most affordable ones available on the market, making it the perfect indulgence on a budget.

Dove Dark Chocolate

The Dove dark chocolates are amongst the most satisfying yet affordable pieces on this list. These chocolates also do not have any information on the percentage of cacao present in the bars. However, they are much less sweet than the classic Dove milk chocolates.

Dove’s dark chocolate has a smooth and creamy texture, and even though the bitterness is very much present, it only helps to enhance the sweetness that the sugar adds to the chocolate. The Dove Dark Chocolate is also one of the best dark chocolates on a budget, especially if you are looking for something sweet.


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