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This may sound weird, but some cakes are actually worth millions of dollars. So, what is the most expensive cake in the world in 2022?

When we talk about expensive cakes, the first thing that pops up in our minds is Cake Boss. Cake Boss is a reality TV show that airs on TLC. The most expensive cake on Cake Boss was worth a record $30 million. However, if you think that’s expensive, you might want to think again.

In 2022, the most expensive cake in the world is Debbie Wingham’s Runway Cake, which is worth $75 million. It was purchased by someone who wanted something different for his daughter’s birthday. Little did he know that he had purchased the most expensive cake of the year.

There are a couple of things that make a cake expensive. Sure, time, effort, ingredients, and overheads are important. However, what’s more important is the clientele. A baker's biggest mistake would be to compete with the chain stores. It prevents them from attracting valuable business. Smart cake connoisseurs price their cakes higher. Therefore, they are approached by clients willing to pay top dollar, which is how records are set.

As bakers, we’ve sold our fair share of expensive custom cakes, but none of those even come close to some of the cakes on this list.

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Debbie Wingham’s Runaway Cake

As discussed above, this is by far the costliest cake of the year, priced at $75 million. This record was set in the UAE. The person who bought this cake hadn’t the faintest idea that he’d be making history, even though he was searching for something unique for his daughter’s birthday.

Designed by Debbie Wingham, this cake is six feet long and looks just like a fashion runway. The edible models on this cake are dressed as accessories and outfits. Moreover, it had real diamonds worth $45 million.

National Gay Wedding Show’s Cake

Next up, we have the National Gay Wedding Show’s Cake which cost $52 million. Surprisingly, this cake wasn’t made for a birthday or a wedding, but to merely fulfill a requirement at a Liverpool-based TV Show.

Moreover, other than the diamonds on this cake, there was nothing special about this cake. It didn’t take more than five days to complete this cake. The mere existence of this cake is now being exploited to set new records and attract attention to the show itself.

Pirates Fantasy Cake

At number three, we have the Pirates Fantasy Cake by Dimuthu Kumarasinghe - worth $35 million. The design of this cake resembles a pirate ship loaded with booty, which is made from real diamonds and precious stones. The cake has been draped with beautiful ornaments like rings, brooches, and necklaces. The edible element of this $35 million cake is made of zucchini, pumpkin, and coconut meringue.

Devorah Rose Diamond Gala Cake

Devorah Rose is the editor-in-chief of Social Life Magazine. This custom cake was ordered from the Cake Boss for one of her shows, and it was worth $30 million. It was baked by Buddy Valastro, the creator of Cake Boss, and his crew members, especially Devorah Rose. Known as the Diamond Gala Cake, this gorgeous cake was covered with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Nahid Parsa’s Luxury Bridal Show Cake

Everyone knows the magnitude of the Beverly Hills Bridal Show, which keeps getting better every year. 2006 was indeed a pivotal year for the bridal show and the people who ran it. That year, they decided to have a wedding cake that would resonate perfectly with their wedding theme. The cake was made by Nahid Parsa, and it was covered in diamonds and gold flakes. The cost? A cool $20 million.

No one knows whether the cake was sold or not. Despite being covered in ornaments, it was made so neatly that no one could tell if there was a single piece of gold on it. Towards the bottom of the cake, pink flowers emerge, and the shape of the cake is like that of a bride’s dress.

Africa Cake

Alright, this cake is not as expensive as the few cakes we have discussed till now. It only cost $5 million (only), but it was costly enough that the average person won’t even be able to dream of such a cake. As the name implies, the shape of this cake resembled the African continent on the map. This cake was designed by a jewelry store owner in Tokyo. To make the cake more intriguing, he added 2000 diamonds to the cake. The diamonds were placed intricately around the parameters of the cake, as well as towards the southern tip to depict the diamond mines.

Luster Dust Cake

This is the last cake on our list and it’s worth $1.5 million. Interestingly, this isn’t an edible cake unlike other cakes on the list. It was designed so people were able to gather around it and start a conversation. It was made for the Dallas Bride Fair in 2010 in collaboration with the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, and Dallas’s Delicious Cakes. It is covered in luster dust frosting and jewels that spiked its price to over $1 million. Had it been a real cake, it would have weighed about 200 pounds.

It takes a lot of time, energy, effort, and imagination to make cakes of such magnitude. Considering all of these factors, it only seems fair for cake makers to charge this much.


Karen Sladyk

Karen Sladyk

Karen Sladyk has been studying and teaching cake decorating topics and culinary crafting projects for over 30 years. She has multiple awards-including first place finishes-in a variety of shows and conferences. She has made and or sold hundreds of dessert-themed gifts, masterpieces, and crafts. She enjoys the challenge of problem-solving chocolate issues in show pieces and making chocolate accessible to all people.

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