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Beer can cake decorating is a fun way to use up all of those old beer cans. With a few materials, you can turn your beer cans into a work of art!

An original addition to the main present can be a beer cake. Beer is a drink without which most men do not imagine their lives. So why not surprise them with their favorite beer. It is a very easy-to-make DIY cake, which you can easily decorate at home.

For a beer cake, you need beer cans, a beer bottle, decorative items, and tape to join them. You assemble the layers by holding beer cans together, joined by glue to the base. You will make two layers. Put a beer glass bottle in the middle of the can circles. And, your beer cake is complete!

You might have confused a beer can cake with a sponge cake with beer as its main ingredient. You don’t have to make all that effort, and it won’t be a surprise for a beer lover. The idea is to give them their favorite drink. To be sure, you can ask them about their favorite beer and can use that in your beer can cake.

Although there are different ways to decorate a beer can cake, this is the simplest one. It's not just about various cans of beer, but about the creativity, you can put into it. So, read on if you want to learn different tips and techniques on a beer can cake decorating!

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What Do We Need to Create a Beer Can Cake?

For a layer cake, you will need:

  •  beer cans - 25 pieces;
  •  beer in a glass bottle - 1 pc;
  •  Double-sided tape;
  • colored ribbon;
  • crepe paper and satin ribbon;
  • aluminum foil
  • scissors
  • paper corrugation
  • cardboard
  •  yarn
  •  a durable wire
  •  small postcards and wishes
  •  extra decorations: chocolates, candies, snacks, etc.

Beer Can Cake Decorating: Work process

Step 1

Cut two cardboard circles, the diameter of which will be equal to the size of the cake. You can use a pre-made base or cut it from a large box. You should cut it based on the number of beer cans you will use in the base. It must be large enough to fit the cans inside it, glued together. The thicker the cardboard, the better as it will act as a cake stand.

Advice: If you will carry a beer cake, use thin plywood or a spreader as a base. The cardboard won't hold up to heavy beer cans.

Step 2

Glue the two circles together. Use double-sided tape for this. Cut two strips to the diameter of the base, glue one of them, remove the protective film, and place the second base on top. Press lightly on the cardboard.

Step 3

Wrap the cardboard circles with aluminum foil. It will fold easily, so you can quickly wrap it around the base.

Advice: If you have to transport the beer can cake, you need to use a tray or any other strong support, as cardboards won’t be able to support the weight of the cans.

Step 4

In the prepared circle, place seven beer cans precisely in the center. Attach them to each other. To do this, stick tape from the side of the cans while squeezing them as tightly as possible to ensure there are no gaps between them and that the structure does not fall apart in the future.

Step 5

Place the next circle around the center jars. Also, fix them with tape.

Step 6

Cut the crepe paper into strips into several pieces, where its width will be equal to 2/3 of the height of the can. Decorate the outside of the lower level with paper and secure it with double-sided tape. Tie a wide satin ribbon at the top.

Step 7

Place a glass bottle in the middle of the first level for the second level. Place six bottles around it. Also, tape it down.

Step 8

Decorate the outside of the cake with crepe paper and masking tape.

If you don't have ready-made strips, cut the tape to the required length and be sure to weld the ends. This will prevent the threads from unraveling. You can use a two-color ribbon and tie it with a bow.

Step 9

Twist the cable into a spiral. Fix one end on the can valve and stick the postcard on the other. Use a few pieces to decorate the entire surface of the cake.

It is unlikely to find a better dessert than a beer can cake. You do not need to knead the dough, break your head on the cream, and invent decorations to cook it. It is enough to buy several beer cans, find various items for decoration, and then spend half an hour of free time forming a unique cake for your special one!

Some Tips

  • For beer can cake, bright packages look good. In addition to the colorful cans, it would be nice to remember the beer fondness of the person you're making it for.
  • The tape should also be bright and organically approach the color of the beer jars.
  • Yellow ribbon, for example, goes well with blue packages.
  • Red jars are perfectly combined with a white satin strip.
  • The cake will be round and bunk, although it can take the shape of a square or a rectangle.
  • The number of levels can also be increased, just with the beer. Your beer can cake can have as many layers as you want, provided the base can hold them.
  • For each level, you form a circle and place it on the stand from the cardboard. Jars with a favorite drink should fit tightly with each other.
  • Put the cardboard circle in a beautiful colored foil. Put the two-sided tape at the bottom of the beer can and fix the cans on the prepared cardboard.
  • When laying the levels to each other, fasten them with a sticky tape.
  • We intercept the design with tape at the final manufacturing stage and decorate the cake with a spectacular bow. A gift of beer cans is ready.

Beer Can Cake With Snacks

If the person loves food, you can add snacks or cooked food to the beer can cake. It can be mini pizzas, beef jerky, nuts, chocolates, or anything your loved one likes.

To make a beer cake with snacks, you need:

  • Beer cans
  • Mini pizzas: You can make them yourself if you have the cooking skills.
  • Snacks: The number of snacks should be according to the size of the paper. You can use paper rosettes and fill them with a snack, such as beef jerky, sausages, fries, chocolate balls, etc. You can use anything that goes with beer.

To make the beer can cake with snacks, you will follow the steps mentioned above. After the first layer of cans, put pizza on top of it. Place the paper rosettes filled with snacks around the edge of the pizza plate in a circle. And, your beer cake with snacks is ready!

A Dried Fish Bouquet: The Best Beer Snack

Another unusual way to surprise them with snacks is by making a bouquet of dried fish or other beer snacks. It is also a budget-friendly and easy-to-make option.

A fish bouquet will be an excellent addition to a cake of beer cans. The technological techniques for creating such creative edible compositions are known to many. Let's have a detailed look at the so-called "classic" version of the fish bouquet!

Just like flowers are arranged in a bouquet, the dried fish are tied together in the same way.

For a fish bouquet, you need:

  • Any dried fish
  • The theme of the newspaper or wrapping paper should have a rough texture
  •  Ribbon or string

Work Process

  • Take the fish, and at the base of the tail, stick it firmly to the skewer, leaving the length several cm above the joining.
  • Do it with all the fish and then collect them in a single bouquet.
  • Drag the rubber band or the thread.
  • Wrap the finished bouquet with a newspaper or the paper you have prepared.
  • Tie the newspaper with twine or a beautiful ribbon at the base of the composition.

If you want a bouquet of fish to be lush and large, use as many fish as possible. Such a bouquet surprise will definitely not leave a single person indifferent!


Karen Sladyk

Karen Sladyk

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