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Is your child’s birthday coming up? Then you can’t ignore cone cupcakes. If you’re wondering what are cone cupcakes, they’re lots of fun to have at a party!

With an overwhelming number of available dessert options and choices, choosing this type of cupcake might accompany some second-guessing, and you may still be unsure about it.

But with all the research we’ve conducted, let us assure you that you’ve made a tremendous choice. Your child will go crazy for them. Even for guests, nothing gets a better reaction than these fun treats. Cone cupcakes will lighten up everyone’s eyes the moment they spot them.

To ensure that your cone cupcakes genuinely add value to the event, you should take the time to learn as much about them as possible, including what exactly they are and how to get them right to excite everyone’s taste buds.

The cone cupcake insights we’ll provide in this article are based on input from industry experts, who possess in-depth knowledge about the different types of desserts available with regards to rapidly changing customer tastes.

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Defining Cone Cupcakes

More commonly referred to as ice cream cone cupcakes, the dessert is simply a cone-shaped ice cream baked with cake inside. It’s topped with frosting that has been piped to look like soft serve ice cream.

Since these cupcakes have been around for years, they aren’t a novel concept. Preparing them is also a fun activity with kids and family. Yet, they’re rarely prepared by people these days.

Cone cupcakes look fantastic, but when you attempt to prepare them for the first time, you’ll most likely struggle to keep the cones standing up while baking.

All in all, cone cupcakes are a fun treat for class parties and kids’ birthdays. Depending on the event, you can decorate them using holiday-specific colors such as those associated with Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and so on.

Now that you have a basic idea about cone cupcakes, let’s find out how to prepare them:

How to Prepare Cone Cupcakes

If you’ve decided to use cone cupcakes as the treat or dessert idea for an upcoming event or gathering, try to add a little more creativity to your cupcakes. Here is what we suggest based on expert advice:

Step 1: Acquire the Tools and Ingredients for Your Cone Cupcakes


When it comes to preparing ice cream cone cupcakes, you don’t need too many ingredients. Before anything else, determine the cake batter recipe you want to use. You may choose your favorite from a box cake mix or a scratch recipe.

For instance, you may use this vanilla cupcake recipe if you like vanilla cupcakes; you can select this strawberry cupcakes recipe if you like strawberry cupcakes; and if you like chocolate cupcakes, you can go with this chocolate cupcake recipe. You have multiple choices. Once you’ve chosen a batter recipe, obtain all the ingredients you need for that batter.

To frost up to 24 cone cupcakes, you’ll require quite a bit of frosting, perhaps worth two standard containers. The type of frosting you want is entirely your choice.

Moreover, you may also consider adding sprinkles. While they’re optional, we strongly recommend adding them for maximum impact.


Some of the tools you may need for preparing ice cream cone cupcakes include a bowl, piping bag with a star tip, a 13x9-inch baking pan or muffin pan or sheet pan, plastic bag as an alternative to piping bag, bowl, and scissors.

Step 2: Preparing Cone Cupcakes

Preheat the oven to 176° C or 350° F with the main rack placed in the middle position. Use the tools and ingredients gathered in the first step to make your cake batter. As mentioned earlier, you can choose any cake batter recipe you want. You can either use a cupcake mix or cake mix box, or create one from scratch.

For whichever cake batter you selected, you will of course need some additional ingredients. If you proceed with a box cake mix, it should come with eggs, water, and oil. If you don’t want to add eggs, you may choose to add unsweetened applesauce or Greek Yogurt as an alternative.

Consider making the batter in a pitcher, so that it’s easier to pour later on. You may also use a large bowl for the purpose.

If you’re using a 24-cone cupcake recipe, take the cupcakes and arrange them in either a 13x9-inch baking pan, a muffin pan, or a sheet pan. It’s possible that all 24 cupcakes fit in a single baking can. Baking pans are known to be most stable, so we recommend it.

Then, use a small measuring cup to pour three tablespoons of batter in every cone. Fill it up to the handle/ ridge part of the cone. Avoid overfilling, otherwise it will overflow during baking.

If you created the batter in a pitcher, simply pour the batter rather than scooping it. You may even choose to pipe the batter into the ice cream cones using a piping bag, depending on how thick or thin the batter is.

Step 3: Bake and Decorate the Cone Cupcakes

This is the time to put the ice cream cone cupcakes in the oven. Bake them for around 19 to 22 minutes. To know whether they’re baked, poke them with a toothpick. If they’re baked, the toothpick should come out clean.

Once the cone cupcakes have been baked, lift them out from the oven and allow them to completely cool. You can begin decorating them once they’re cool. One strategy to decorate is to put the frosting in a piping bag with a star tip before piping the frosting on. This way, the cone cupcakes will look like soft-serve ice-cream cones. This way, the cone cupcakes will look like soft-serve ice-cream cones.

If a piping bag is not available, you may use a plastic storage bag with the corner snipped off. After frosting the ice cream cone cupcakes, consider adding sprinkles or leave them as they are. To make your cone cupcakes cuter and more special, give them a soft-serve-style swirl. Achieving a swirl in today’s cupcakes is about filling a piping bag with chocolate flavor and another with vanilla, make the ends of the piping bags snipped and put them in a larger piping bag that has a Wilton 2d tip.

Congrats, your ice cone cupcakes are ready to be served.

To check out how a cone cupcake looks from the inside, take an unfrosted piece and cut it from the middle. You’ll find it awesome!

By now, you should have obtained an in-depth understanding of how to make cone cupcakes. You may now be worried about how long they can last. Let’s find out:

How Long Do Cone Cupcakes Last?

Once you’ve prepared your cone cupcakes, store them in the fridge before they need to be served. For a party tomorrow, you can bake your cone cupcakes tonight and safely place them in the fridge. Although the ice cream cones tend to get less crunchy and a little soggy, that won’t likely occur until a few days have passed.

Also, if you’re concerned about the cones toppling over, consider wrapping a piece of crumpled foil around the base of each cone to snuggly secure each piece. Before covering with frosting, however, be sure to let your ice cream cone cupcakes cool completely.


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