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It can be pretty challenging for beginners to learn various cake decorating tips and techniques. But don’t fret because in this guide, we’ll explain how to use cake decorating tools.

There are numerous cake decorating tools to choose from and there are no bounds if you love decorating your cakes. Thanks to numerous tools and appliances available at your disposal, you can decorate exactly the way you want.

Some of the essential cake decorating tools include a turntable, leveler, spatula, cake slicer, cake board, cake stand, and decorating set. You could also use various other tools and equipment too, but having these few basic ones is the bare minimum requirement for a beautifully decorated cake.

We believe that decorating a cake requires more work and effort than baking the cake itself. This is because it is like practicing traditional arts since it requires a lot of creativity and color work. When it comes to using cake decorating tools, knowing how to make frosting is only the beginning.

After speaking with various experts in the industry, we have put together this list of cake decorating tools to help you on your journey.

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How to Use Cake Decorating Tools

You'll need to learn a variety of decorating techniques. To make the decoration more convenient and enjoyable, you need become familiar with cake decorating tools and how to utilize them. As a newbie, you may never have heard of such tools or have limited knowledge of them.

There are many sophisticated instruments on the list that are necessary for decorating. Using some of these tools the right way can make or break your decorating game so be careful while following the instructions for the various cake decorating tools mentioned below. If used correctly, you definitely notice a considerable difference in your decorating job.

Levelers for Cakes

You want to build the best cake-decorating foundation possible? Give priority to slicing the cakes before using the piping bag. You can slice flat and even cakes using a decent quality cake leveller. Also, if the scenario requires removing the humped crown from the cake, make sure you cut it flat and even. A cake leveller is a tool that you will require for this activity. Check out this tutorial to learn how to use a cake leveler.

Using a serrated knife as a beginning is discouraged, especially if you shake your hand while doing so due to a lack of expertise. Regardless matter how scared you are, you can use a leveller to overcome this limitation and cut more precisely. You can use a knife once you've mastered how to cope with a cut.

Smoothers and Spatulas

If you can't layer the frosting precisely, no matter how good and attractive the frosting is, the cake won't have any appeal. That's why you'll need spatulas and smoothers to help you with the job. These tools ensure that the frosting is evenly applied to the cakes.

If you spread the frosting with a knife, you will have a lot better experience with the spatulas. After utilising spatulas, you'll never want to use anything else. As a result, you should invest in a set of high-quality spatulas in a variety of sizes.

Smoothers can be used to smooth frosting on cakes to take the decoration to the next level. The smoother will produce excellent results whether you manually smooth the icing or lay the cake on a spinning table. These tools come in a variety of textures to help you create distinctive cake patterns and designs.

If you want to try out alternative patterns, you should purchase a collection of smoothers with various textures. Smoothing will be more convenient if you spin the cake while gliding the smoother up and down. The cakes will be decorated with beautiful waves and designs.

Cake Slicer with Adjustable Layers

This is actually a cake leveller for slicing circular cakes. You may slice a cake into numerous layers with this tool. Many types are customizable, allowing you to customize the size of the cake to your own requirements.

The ring has two movable handles that allow it to expand or contract depending on the needs of the cake. Start slicing the cake and rotating the mould once you've found the right size. When you're finished, carefully remove the mould from the layers to separate them.

Board for Cakes

While it may appear to be unnecessary because the cake can be placed on a plate or stand, a cake board is extremely useful when transporting or moving the entire dessert. So, whether you use a plate or not, we recommend decorating the cake on a cake board rather than directly on the plate. This in turn will result in a less messy plate or dish.

If you're still not convinced, use a board that's slightly larger than the cake. If the cake is around 8 inches in diameter, use a 10-inch board. There will also be enough room around the cake to pipe the bottom border. Consider choosing a smaller board or one that is comparable in size to the cake if you don't need the extra room for the bottom border or if it is something you don't want to see with the cake.

Tips for Frosting

When frosting is used to decorate a cake, tips are the most important tool to use in order to produce beautiful icing designs. Frosting tips come in a variety of decorations, shapes, and sizes. This is the tool to use when it comes to flowers, siding, lettering, and other embellishments. Plastic couplers and frosting bags are also required for the tips. It is preferable to acquire a beginning kit that includes everything you will require.

Turntable Table for Cakes

Frosting cakes may be challenging, especially when there isn't much movement. Professional bakers utilise a turntable to solve the problem. It looks similar to a cake stand; however, it can spin without shifting its base.

Spin as swiftly or as slowly as you desire, and equally and conveniently complete all of the decorations. It saves time and effort while ensuring cleanliness and efficiency. If you're currently frosting without a turntable, you'll notice a significant boost in efficiency and simplicity after using one.

Moreover, turntables will make delicate things like piping detailing easier. Turntables are usually made out of plastic or aluminium and both materials will get the job done admirably.

Cake Stands

Traditional plates are very acceptable for cake decoration. However, if it's also about how the cake is displayed to others, you should invest in specifically made cake trays. Compared to standard plates, the finish and ease of decoration are far superior.

In most circumstances, cake wheels are utilized with trays. These wheels are used to keep the cake steady while it is being decorated. If you're going to buy cake wheels, make sure they're large enough to support larger cakes.

Set for decorating cakes

Commercial cake decorating sets are available for a variety of equipment. If you're a newbie baker or decorator, having one of these sets will make your baking and decorating experience lot easier, whether you're doing it professionally or at home.

The majority of these decorating sets come with a variety of icing and flower tips, as well as cake stands, brushes, spatulas, levelers, scrapers, nozzles, bags, and other tools. For the most part, you only need to invest in a decent quality set and don't need to worry about buying additional tools.  Whatever kit you choose, be sure it includes all of the tools you'll need for decorating.

Using the Right Cake Decorating Tools

The usage of cake decorating materials will improve your decorating experience and expand your creativity. To ensure efficiency, you should also consider expert decorating ideas and advice. Since cake decoration is a creative skill, the more you try, the more unique designs and patterns you will master.

Cake decorating is an art that not only distinguishes your work, but also speaks volumes about your never-ending attempts to create beauty via flavour. The way you decorate a cake expresses your feelings for the people you will serve it to, much as an art reveals your talent. As a beginner, you will have to work on your skills while appreciating your hard work and efforts you spend baking and decorating the cake.

Whether a beginner or a professional, cake decorating has now become a norm at parties and various other occasions. Whether the cake is for a bridal shower, birthday, or New Year’s, a beautiful cake always sets the tone. The urge to craft the perfectly well decorated cake for various occasions is understandable, especially if you're new to the game.


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