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Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the most liked foods on the planet. But it makes you think, ‘How much chocolate can I eat in a day?’

Since there are many kinds of chocolates, the answer to this question is more than just a matter of a simple figure. Because of the widely known side effects of chocolate, many people think twice before opening that second bar of the day. But how can you know the amount of chocolate you can eat daily without affecting your health?

The general rule is, the darker the chocolate, the more you can eat. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa and less sugar. You can have dark chocolate daily with 72% cocoa. But you should stop at 40 grams a day since cocoa contains caffeine, which can be bad for your health.

Not only can you consume more dark chocolate, but doctors also recommend that individuals include it in their daily diet as it contains several health benefits. The lighter the chocolate, the sweeter it is with increased dairy ingredients. However, you need to limit your chocolate intake since chocolate isn’t the best addition to a healthy diet.

How much chocolate one can eat daily is a dilemma almost everyone is curious about, given the bittersweet taste it adds to our lives. So, we have created this guide to help you understand how much chocolate you can eat daily. We have put together some pointers in the form of this article to provide you with the most authentic information regarding chocolate consumption. So, sit back and enjoy this sweet ride!

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How Much Chocolate Is Allowed for Daily Intake?

To determine the amount of chocolate you can eat daily, you should know what kind of chocolate you can eat daily. White, milk, dark, semisweet, bittersweet - these are all types of chocolate you can get on the market, among others. So which kind can you eat? It is a matter of preference, as some like their chocolate sweet, some like it bittersweet, and others like it purely bitter.

But since you are here, watching out for your health, bittersweet chocolate is the best kind of chocolate you can eat daily. It is not too bitter but contains fewer sugar contents to leave a darning effect on your health.

The bitterer, the better - is a saying we experience in our daily lives. When it comes to chocolate, it couldn’t be more accurate. The chocolate you eat regularly should be at least 72% cacao. You can go higher than that, but we understand that might be too bitter for many people.

But if you are going towards slightly sweeter chocolate, isn’t sugar something you should be moving away? Thankfully, we live in a world with many alternatives. Look for chocolate with stevia or monk fruit. Unlike some artificial sweeteners, these are sugar alternatives that are actually healthy. But if you cannot find chocolate with these contents, it is okay to stick with regular sweetened chocolate with more than 72% cacao.

Is There Any Milk Chocolate I Can Eat?

We get it. Not everyone can swallow the bitterness of bittersweet chocolate. We haven’t found any researcher or doctor recommending milk chocolate for daily consumption. Milk chocolate is significantly higher in sugar than dark chocolate. Even if it is stevia-sweetened, milk chocolate is generally made with casein-a-one milk, making it terrible for your health.

Jumping in more scientifically, milk combined with the polyphenols in chocolate ruins the health benefits it offers otherwise.

How Much White Chocolate Can I Eat Daily?

Authentic chocolate lovers know white chocolate is no competition for bittersweet chocolate. Not only is it loaded in sugar, but it has got none of the health-boosting polyphenol benefits that dark or even milk chocolate has. White chocolate bars have as much milk as milk chocolates, sometimes even more. So if you are on a hunt for white chocolate, be ready for a spell of health trouble. The harmless-looking white chocolate bar is simply a big zero for your body, especially your gut.


Karen Sladyk

Karen Sladyk

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