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Sure, icing helps elevate any cake's aesthetics, but how do you write on the cake without icing? The answer is very simple.

When you think about decorating a cake, the first thing that springs to mind is icing or frosting. However, icing a cake doesn't always look like fun or isn't an option for a variety of reasons. Don't worry! There are numerous ways to write on cake without icing whatever the case may be.

You don’t necessarily have to have icing on the cake in order to write anything on it or make it stand out. You can write on cakes without icing by using alternatives, such as chocolate sweets, stencils, banners, fruits, candies, etc.  

Icing makes life a lot easier, especially if you frequently write on cakes, but you can still manage to write on cake without it. This guide will help you learn how to write on a cake without icing in a variety of methods.

We adore cakes and love every second of eating, baking or simply gazing at cakes. Having said that, we've spent a lot of time writing on cakes, both with and without piping bags. Needless to say, we regard ourselves as specialists in this area.

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How Do You Write On Cake Without Icing?

Writing with icing on cakes makes delicate and stunning designs, but it can be difficult to achieve. You'll need a creative flair, patience, and a steady hand. Thankfully, there are other, less time-consuming ways to write on cakes without using icing. You won't have to be anxious if your decorating abilities aren't up to par because you'll still be able to make a lovely cake nonetheless. It is not necessary to be stressed when writing on a cake, whether for a birthday or another occasion.

Here’s what you’ll need to write on a cake without icing:

  • Squeeze bottle, ziplock bag, or piping bag filled with melted chocolate
  • Printed out sheet of your text on parchment or wax paper

Writing On Cake Without Icing - Step-by-Step Guide

Step One

To begin, type your message in your preferred font on your computer, and then print it. This is what you'll use to trace over with molten chocolate.

Step Two

The next step is to melt the chocolate. Melt your chocolate carefully on the burner. Alternatively, chocolate can also be melted in a microwave according to the instructions on the bag. Let the melted chocolate somewhat cool down before using a squeeze bottle, ziploc bag, or piping bag to transfer it.

Step Three

The third step is to compose your text. Place a piece of parchment paper or wax paper on top of your printed text. Trace the letters onto the parchment paper with molten chocolate in a squeeze bottle or piping bag. Let the chocolate dry completely on the parchment paper; if you make a mistake, simply remove the dried letter and start over.

Step Four

It’s finally time to decorate your cake with a chocolaty texture. When the chocolate is completely dry, carefully transfer the letters from the parchment paper to the cake. Place the letters on the cake by gently sliding them from the parchment paper or delicately placing them with your hands. Be sure to handle the chocolate with care because it is delicate.

Tips And Tricks To Write On Cake Without Icing

Even if you know how to prepare a delicious cake, decorating it might be a difficult task. It might be challenging to write with a piping bag and frost directly on a cake because it takes a lot of experience to get it correctly. Not everyone has the time or the ability to pipe writing on cakes by hand over icing.

Fortunately, using chocolate instead of frosting is a terrific option. There are plenty of other excellent options, including stencils, candy, fruit, and toppers. And the best part is that you won't need any nozzles to write on the cake.

Drip Bottles

Before sketching out your letters, don't be scared to practice piping with chocolate. If you don't want to use piping or a Ziploc bag, a drip bottle might be a simple and effective solution to write your letters. If you don't want to trace letters, there are plenty of other options for writing on your cake without using icing.

Chocolate Sweets

This strategy appeals to most home cooks because it is straightforward and does not necessitate perfection. Writing on cakes with chocolate sweets or fruits is a simple and pleasant activity. Simply arrange sliced strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, or M&Ms, in a letter-like formation. You can also meticulously sketch your letters with a toothpick before laying down your chocolates or fruits.

Alternately, spread some icing out in the shape of the letters you want to use with a knife. You can decorate the icing with sprinkles or candies to spell out whatever message you choose. You can also use softened cream cheese or yogurt. These ingredients are most likely present in your kitchen! It's a simple way to give your cake some extra color.


The use of stencils to adorn cakes is a simple and elegant method. You can buy alphabet sheets on which you can cut out the letters and arrange them however you want. You can also use Happy birthday stencils, which may be applied directly on the cake without the need for cutting.

You can also make your own stencils by cutting out the words with parchment paper. Place your stencils directly on your cake, whether they're homemade or store-bought. To fill in your stencils, you can use powdered sugar or sprinkles, both of which would look lovely on your cake.


You can obtain letter candles in addition to regular birthday cake candles. This is a quick and enjoyable way to dress up your cake. You can acquire toppers for birthdays, anniversaries, or even have them custom-made because they're a cute way to add words to your cake.


You don’t have to go to the store to make a banner for your cake. Simply input the text in any font on your computer and print it out. Be cautious while cutting out your banner and securing it with toothpicks. Next, carefully set it on your cake.

Powdered Sugar

Do you want to make a dessert that is uniquely yours for any occasion? There's no need to be a cake decorator! Take a look at these ideas for how to write on and decorate a cake without using frosting.

Cut the name or pattern you want on the cake out of wax paper (remove the area you don't want on the cake), set it delicately on top of the cake, and then dust with powdered sugar. When you're finished, remove the wax paper and voila!


Fruits are a great way to write on cakes without icing on any day, depending on the cake style. You can use fresh berries as a garnish on the surface of the cake, for example. When garnishing the cake with fresh fruit, it's better to serve it first to keep the cake fresh while you plan the fruits. It's time to devour your fruit cake.

Why Is It Necessary To Temper The Chocolate?

Chocolate that hasn't been tempered melts really quickly! It could turn into an enormous MESS if the chocolate begins to melt while you're trying to write words on the cake without icing.

When untempered chocolate sets, it has a tendency to blossom. Blooming is the term for the strange luminous spots or streaks that appear on chocolate; it kind of looks like mold. Although the chocolate does not taste horrible after blooming, it does have a rather unappealing appearance.

Cocoa butter has separated from the chocolate, resulting in these light dots and streaks. Tempered chocolate hardens, making it simple to transfer without it melting and sticking to the palette knife! Plus, it has a nice gloss to it, which makes it a stunning cake centerpiece.

Tempering chocolate was one of those things that even professionals are not able to get the hang of. When you warm chocolate, the crystalline structure – notably the structure of the cocoa butter – is broken. The cocoa butter structure of successfully tempered chocolate is ideal. When you overheat the chocolate, it loses its stability and begins to melt quickly. It won't be gleaming, but it will be dull or bloomed. It also won't have a good snap to it.


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