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Ganache is a great way to decorate desserts and add a touch of style. However, does ganache harden? If so, how long does it take?

Chocolate ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream, which can be used for a number of purposes. Some people use it for making chocolate truffles, while others use it to make other forms of candy. Most commonly, Ganache is used in chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, pies, and peanut butter cupcakes.

Yes, chocolate ganache can harden and achieve a thicker texture. However, to harden your ganache, you should leave it to cool down, or you can add more chocolate. The easiest way to harden your ganache is to leave it to cool down at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Ganache’s texture is just as important as the flavor. Sometimes, ganache appears chunky, which affects the taste of your desserts. While it sometimes happens due to overheating, in some cases, chocolate chips can cause the ganache to harden. It also happens due to poorly chopped chocolate.

As experienced bakers, we’ve worked with ganache for many years and know all there is to know about its texture, consistency, and taste. As such, we’re in a great position to tell you all about how ganache behaves at different temperatures.

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Will Ganache Harden at Room Temperature?

Besides truffles and cakes, ganache is also used in glazes, sauces, icings, and fillings.  It is worth noting that different desserts need different textures of ganache. Therefore, you will have to adjust the properties accordingly. For example, some desserts need thick ganache. Therefore, it is important to have your ganache hardened.

As we have discussed, ganache can easily harden at room temperature. All you have to do is to leave it and wait for it to cool down. Make sure not to mix your ganache, or else you will make it lumpy. Usually, it takes three to four hours for the ganache to harden.

However, it also depends upon the season. For example, it will take longer for the ganache to harden during the summer. On the flip side, it will only take a little over an hour for the ganache to harden at room temperature during the winter months.

Will It Harden in the Refrigerator?

It is even easier and quicker to harden the ganache in the refrigerator. However, you cannot afford to leave the ganache in the fridge for too long. Leaving it in the fridge will harden it to the point where it becomes difficult to work with. Even if you opt for the fridge option, it is better to check up on your ganache once in a while.

Before your ganache is put in the refrigerator, make sure the texture is smooth. You don’t want lumps in the ganache after it has hardened.

How Long Does Ganache Take to Harden?

As we have discussed, in the refrigerator, ganache takes a bit over an hour to harden properly. At room temperature, it takes a little over that. To make your life easier, it is important to note that your ganache is worth using if it gets the consistency of peanut butter.

Moreover, you shouldn’t be too dependent on the time estimation, because cooling and hardening conditions can be different based on where you live and the ambient temperature. Make sure you monitor your ganache until it reaches the thickness and consistency of peanut butter.

Fixing a Runny Ganache

Sometimes, the ganache is on the verge of hardening, but it ends up runny. This can be frustrating at first but it is actually possible to fix and harden runny ganache. According to the Institute of Culinary Education, the easiest way to harden runny ganache is by adding chocolate to it.

However, if you like your ganache runny, you can take the reverse route by adding some extra cream to the concoction. However, there are some simple ways to improve your ganache without having to add more cream or chocolate to it.

When preparing ganache, it is important to use cream and chocolate that you can melt easily. Start by chopping your chocolate into fine chunks. Then, place these chunks into a pot with some heavy cream. The most common ratio for chocolate and cream is 1:1. However, some people also use two parts chocolate and one part cream.

You should keep the pot at medium heat with the ingredients in it. Stir the ingredients while they continue to melt. To avoid any bubbling in the process, use a rubber spatula instead of a wooden or a metal one. If your ganache is too runny, add some extra chocolate to it. You can also warm up your ganache with extra chocolate in the microwave as well.

Continue with this process, and you will find your ganache hardening and thickening. Make sure to stir the mixture throughout the process, and the mixture will eventually even out.

Can We Harden White Chocolate Ganache?

The answer is yes, you can harden white chocolate ganache. However, because of the extra ingredients in it, it will take some time. You must remember that white chocolate ganache needs more than twice the chocolate used in regular chocolate ganache or dark chocolate ganache.

Just like regular chocolate ganache, the easiest way to harden your white ganache is by placing it in the fridge, and then letting it sit there until it hardens.

The easiest way to thicken or harden your chocolate ganache is by using the right techniques for it to cool down. You can either use the room temperature or the refrigerator. While your ganache cools down, it is better to keep an eye on it. If it hardens too much, you will have to soften it, which will waste time.

Furthermore, try not to mix or stir the mixture while it cools down, or else it will become lumpy. Your ganache shouldn’t be chunky either. If it is, then it is due to the components used. You can use the above-mentioned techniques to remove the chunkiness. Lastly, the moment your ganache gets the consistency you require for your dish, make sure to use it the way it is, without modifying it one bit.


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Lori Gilmore

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